Spalding 79354 Backboard Rim Combo with 48-Inch PolyCarbonate Backboard Review

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The Spalding 79354 is a wall mount basketball hoop system which features a 48 inch polycarbonate shatter proof backboard, Slam Jam breakaway rim, all weather net, and board pad. It is compatible with round or square poles and can be also mounted in a wall or roof.



  • 48 inch Polycarbonate backboard
  • Slam Jam Breakaway rim
  • All weather white net
  • 5 year limited warranty



Installation is quite straightforward as the instructions are somewhat clear and simple to follow. There have been cases of parts not matching those that are stated in the instructions so our advice is to read the whole instruction set first so you could see if the parts are all there. As for mounting, you have to get a bracket separately as this does not come with one. We highly recommend Spalding’s U-Turn Lift Bracket System as it can be mounted almost anywhere and you can also adjust the height. It’s also quite sturdy. As for the board installation, at least two people should do it due to its weight. It’s smaller than normal at 48 inches, but it’s still heavy.

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Quality of the board is okay, which you would expect with polycarbonate. With regards to vibrations/dullness, it will largely depend on your mount so make sure to do it properly so you could keep the vibrations to a minimum. As the board is polycarbonate, do not expect the same performance as that of tempered glass, but it still performs quite okay. The rim has springs but it might not hold up to very strong dunks and especially hanging.



  • Easy installation
  • Can be paired with the excellent Spalding U-Turn Lift System
  • Inexpensive



  • No bracket included
  • Polycarbonate does not feel like tempered glass



The Spalding 79354 won’t turn heads with its looks and features, but with its affordable price, this is a hoop system that budget conscious should consider. It doesn’t have the professional feel that other high end basketball hoop system have, but if you are on a budget or it will mostly be used by children, then this hoop might be perfect for you. if you could pair this with the Spalding U-Turn Lift System, it makes for one amazing backboard/rim/mount combo that is definitely value for money.