Hoop Hounds

Welcome to Hoop Hounds! There are a ton of available hoop systems in the market today and it will be an exciting experience choosing one. However because there are so many options, it can also be quite confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the types of hoop systems out there. We at Hoop Hounds are dedicated to provide you the proper guidance on deciding which hoop is the best for you as well as giving out the best basketball hoop reviews.

Basketball Hoop Types

There are several types of basketball hoop systems which you can buy for your home. These are portable, in ground, and wall mounted hoops. We have dedicated sections for each type which you can access below. These include reviews and comparisons of the best hoops that you can choose from.


Portable hoops were designed with mobility in mind. Should you need to move the goal to another place in your home, or to your new house, it will be simple as there would be no need to remove screws or concrete. Check out our portable hoop reviews here.

In Ground

In ground hoops were made for those who like stability in their hoop. Part of the poles/stands are buried into the ground using concrete, resulting in a more stable and sturdy system. Look at our in ground hoop comparisons here.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted systems are designed to be attached to walls. If you do not want to use in ground systems due to the use of concrete, and you have a fairly sturdy wall, these systems are for you. See our wall mounted hoop reviews here.

Buying Guide

If you are still undecided on the type of basketball hoop that you would like to buy, you can go to our basketball hoop system buying guide, which has detailed comparisons of the different hoop types. It has pros and cons of each type, as well as the most recommended hoop for each type.