Advantages of A Fast Paced Offense

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If you have watched NBA games from the old days, and compare them to today’s game, you will notice a dramatic change in the pace of the game. This is even more evident when you take a look at the scores. There is a huge difference. This is because of the offense being employed by most teams.


Starting from the high scoring Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns from the 2000s, and with this era’s Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, the offensive game in the NBA has evolved from the slow-paced, defense oriented game of the 90s to this. Let’s take a look at the advantages of employing a high-scoring, high-paced offense.


Will leave slow teams in the dust

If you use a fast-paced offense and you have the personnel to do it successfully, you will definitely leave slow teams in the dust, with you having a very easy path to the basket. Using this to your advantage will result in a lot of points in a hurry and will leave very little time for your opponents to come up with adjustments, especially if they are not athletic and conditioned enough to keep up with your offense.


Not that complicated compared to half court sets

When using half-court sets, there are a lot more factors to keep n mind, as the whole team usually has to have total control of the possession. With a fast-paced offense, it’s not a deal-breaker to not deliberately set an offense as there will always be the option to go for a high percentage shot should there be an available one. This is the reason why players have more fun being in a high speed offense as there is not a lot of thinking involved.


Most players will have fun playing

As mentioned above, players will almost, always prefer a high speed offense, especially the young and athletic ones. This is because it is more fun to move around more rather than thinking about you and your opponent’s next move, which requires a greater amount of concentration. Employing a high speed offense will result in happier players which will also be evident in their overall chemistry with each other.


Deciding on a fast paced offense is not as simple as it sounds though. Sure, it may look like a simple task to speed everything up in your offense, but you also have to take into account the personnel of your team. If a lot of your players are in tip top conditions, then there would be minimal problems. But if some players have a hard time running up and down the floor consistently, it won’t be as effective as the opponent will surely have an easier time keeping up with your team.