The Best Way To Play A Team Game

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Even in the influx of great one on one players over the last few years, basketball has remained a team game. This will be the case in the foreseeable future as one on one games aren’t really marketable worldwide. This is the reason why it is still important to learn the game as a team sport.


You might be a great 1 on 1 player but if you have no idea how to play with other people, you will not go very far, especially if you are looking at a career that may be related to basketball. We will take a look at some key pointers that are very important to keep in mind so that your 5 on 5 game will always be on point.

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Know your teammates

One of the characteristics of great teams is that they have great chemistry on the court. This is the result of knowing your team mates very well. I’m not saying go have dinner with them and know their personal details, but knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies on the court. This will help in your decision making while playing as you will know where to pass the ball, demand the ball, and how to stop the opponents using team defense.



Know your strengths

If you know what your strengths are, this will greatly benefit not only you, but your team mates also. If you are a great penetrator, you should show this to your teammates so they will know where to give you the ball. If you are a great passer, this will give your teammates ideas on how to get to certain places where they know they will get the ball from you.


Know your weaknesses

The opposite of knowing your strengths, is knowing your weaknesses. If you know your limitations, then you will not force the action and cause chemistry issues within the team. If you have great awareness with what you are capable of doing, you will pick your spots and this will also give your teammates the knowledge of how to play with you properly. By knowing your weaknesses, you will not do things that you simply cannot do, which causes lots of errors and disharmony on the court.


Be unselfish

The best way to win a basketball game is no doubt to unselfish. We all know that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever and he is far from being unselfish, but he is more of an exception rather than the rule. The truth is that to win a lot of games and always have a fighting chance, it is important to be unselfish. The benefits are very obvious as the team chemistry will flow naturally and there will be almost no conflicts between team mates due to ball hogging. Being unselfish will also help you develop your off-ball game, which is sorely lacking in today’s game.


The points that we discussed are not everything when it comes to winning a team game, but they are the essentials that every basketball player should know. One on one moves are very attractive, especially to young players, but any team that has all 5 players moving harmoniously will almost, always beat a more athletic team that only has showing off on their minds and especially teams that have a lot of very selfish players.