The Best ways to Prepare Your Body for a Basketball Game

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Basketball is one of the most demanding sports that a person could play. This is because of the constant movement and changes one will have to perform in the course of the game. All that jumping, running, stopping, will take a toll on the body especially those that are not in tip-top shape. To best prepare your body so that you can endure a full game without having to gasp for air afterwards, we will take a look at a number of things that you could do to increase your stamina and strength.


Core workouts

Working out your core is not only important for basketball, for any activity. In basketball, you will need to have superior balance because of the constant movement and change in direction. This is one secret of the best defensive players in the game such as Draymond Green and Kawhi Leonard. If you watch them play, they have the ability to stay in front of their men even if these players are very fast. This is because they have great condition and balance in their bodies and the way to achieve this is working your core.




Lower body workouts

Another important part of your body used in basketball is your lower body. These are your legs, which you need to run around the court. This is especially true if you play fast, as the constant running up and down the court requires a lot of leg strength to maintain. Also if you tend to jump around a lot, lower body strength is imperative as it takes a lot of effort for your legs to jump around. Lower body workouts are also a great way to prevent cramps and injuries in-game, as strong legs have the strength to withstand constant punishment.




Upper body workouts

While not as important as the first two, working your upper body still has benefits for basketball. This is especially true if you are a big who likes to mix it up inside the paint. Strong upper bodies would have an easier time playing inside the paint as a lot of contact will involve the shoulders and arms. It’s also important if you like to penetrate as the additional strength gives you the ability to finish strong around the hoop even if you are hacked.




Mental preparation

Not to be forgotten and sometimes the most important factor of all, is mental preparation. Basketball not only tests your body, but your mental fortitude as well. Concentration and focus is imperative if you want to win consistently. Take a moment before each game and just relax. Focus on what you need to do and how you will do it. If you need to focus on your opponent and find anything that you need to be motivated, then do so. This is how some players, like Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett, motivate themselves, by getting themselves angry at their would be opponents.




These are just some tips in order to be able to play basketball without having to catch your breath every time you run down the court. Of course these are just some of the essentials you need to do as there are a lot of factors to consider when maintaining your body in tip top shape. It also helps if you are mentally prepared for your preparations and the game itself as discussed above because if you watch a lot of basketball, there are many players who are not really gifted physically but because of their mental fortitude and smarts, can hang with the best of them.