Why Employ a Slow Paced Offense

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Just by hearing the words “slow paced offense”, it can already put some people to sleep. Most people watch basketball to be entertained, which means fast breaks and highlights. However it does not always translate to wins, especially if the players on a team are not athletic enough.


Sometimes, you have to deliberately slow down the pace of the game. This will mean every possession will count more, resulting in a higher concentration and focus requirement. In this article, we will discuss the numerous positive effects of having a slow paced offense.


Can read the defense

One of the most important reasons for using a deliberately paced offense is to see what the defense will give you. This is especially effective against teams that are not known for their defense. This is because once you slow down the pace and see what your opponents’ strategy when defending you, you can therefore execute the play that would give you the best chance of scoring or drawing fouls against the opposing team’s top player.


Will have a better chance of winning against athletic teams

When playing against young and super athletic teams and you have a hard time keeping up with them, your best bet is to actually slow down the tempo whenever you have possession of the ball. This way, you will have more time to set up your offense and see what their defensive strategy is, not to mention that it will be easier to your team’s stamina as the up and down running would stop momentarily. Another thing this does is that it stops the momentum of the other team, who is used to running up and down the court all the time.


Will test the patience and concentration of the opposing team

Another advantage of slow offenses is that because they are so slow, the opposing team will have a hard time concentrating on what you are doing. Their focus will be lost a lot of the times as it is human nature to be impatient on anything. This creates opportunities for easy baskets as the defense will collapse due to lack of concentration. Of course your team should be always alert for these opportunities and do not let them go.


The fact is fast paced offenses are really the most fun to play and this is especially true for really athletic players. But not everybody is athletic and slow paced offenses kind of even out the competition as this will give anybody a good chance to win games. Of course even athletic teams can employ deliberate offensive sets, this will be a welcome change and will also get players to think about every move they make, strengthening their mental game.