Passing The Ball Properly

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Basketball is a team sport so giving the ball to your teammate would happen quite a lot. As such, its a very important skill to learn. Since it is a very basic skill, it is often taken for granted especially young players who only want to do spectacular plays. If you want to win, you need to learn how to properly pass the rock.


At first thought you may think that it is very easy to do. Once you go through some pointers though, you will know that passing is not just some basic skill that can be learned in a few hours. There are actually a lot of things you need to understand in order to get some awesome passing skills.


Use two hands

While it is not essential for veterans, passing the ball with two hands is very helpful, especially for new players. Controlling the ball with one hand can be a bit hard especially if you have small hands. Passing using both hands will help tremendously in controlling precisely where the ball would land, which is your teammate’s hands.


Pass to the hands of your team mate

A common mistake by many, especially new players, is passing the ball just to the vicinity where your team mate is. This is very dangerous. When you pass it, throw it to his hands, this is very important especially when he raises his hands, as this is the indication where he wants to catch the ball. When you throw a pass to his lower body, he would have to make an effort to put his hands there in order to catch the ball. This may result in an unforced turnover or even a steal if the opponent has very quick hands.


Always make the easier pass

Once you have a feel for the game already, you might notice that you could make some fancy plays, especially fancy passes. While it is really tempting to show your skills and impress the crowd, there is always the chance that it could backfire. Opting for the easier pass instead of the fancy one will minimize the risks of a turnover. Fancy passes also do not result in points at the scoreboard so it is unnecessary. Good to look at but not really needed.


Make sure your teammate is aware of your pass

Court awareness is every player’s responsibility. If you do not pay attention to what’s happening, it will be your fault if something happens. However, if you are going to pass to a team mate, then it does not hurt if you see first if he knows the pass is coming. If he is not aware, then do not pass and then proceed to tell him what his fault was. This is better than having a turnover happen.


All of the above points are very important. Not only is it important to know them, they won’t be of any use if you don’t apply them to your game. It may be easy to know them all but once you play the game, there will be times when you forget these things. The only way to know them by heart is to practice them every chance you get. Practice will make your subconscious remember them automatically, which is what makes the best players in the world great.