How To Win A 1 on 1 Basketball Game

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Basketball is a team sport. Without team work, it won’t be enjoyable to play even if you love the game. However there are times when playing one on one is the best way to showcase your talents. While it is important to be a very team oriented player, your actual talents will actually show on one on one situations. It is not as complex as team basketball, but it is still somewhat still difficult to beat anyone in a game of one on one, especially athletic players. Here are some tips so that the next time you play, you can actually have a chance.


Protect The Ball At All Costs

Taking care of the ball is very important in a 5 on 5, more so in a 1 on 1 because once you lose the ball, the opponent has a bigger chance of retrieving it against you recovering it. No teammates to help out in this case. You got to learn proper ball handling techniques or if you do not have the will to do it, protect it by always dribbling the ball with your back against your opponent, sort of like posting up, this way the opponent cannot slap away the ball easily.

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Keep Your Eye On Your Opponent

If you have played organized ball, chances are you were taught to keep your eyes on the ball and always be aware of what is going on in the play. In 1 on 1, it is actually better to keep your eye on the opponent at all times. Since he is your only opposition, he won’t pass it to anybody so you do not have to worry about any cuts or incoming screens that may rattle your defense.


Go To Your Strengths Offensively

If you ever find yourself at an advantage against your opponent, just go to it every possession. You are against only one person and it would take time, if ever, for your opponent to adjust against you. Whether it’s outside shots, penetration, or post play, just milk it until your opponent figures out a way to stop you. Defensively, if you are having a hard time defending in one area, do your best to push the action to the other side. If you cannot stop your opponent inside, dare him to take outside shots. If he’s a great shooter, stick on him to prevent open shots.

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You could see that a game of 1 on 1 is really not that complicated, especially compared to 5 on 5 or even 3 on 3. If you are not that gifted athletically, which is the reason that some people are hard to beat, you still have a chance if you take note of the points that we have discussed above. Just remember to work hard and never let your opponent get the upper hand on you.